Ways to Obtain Solar

Commercial solar provides excellent financial returns over the lifestyle of a system, and almost any commercial premises can see significant benefits by having it installed. Despite this, we always offer our customers a range of options for purchase to mitigate the initial capital expenditure if required.

Capital Expenditure

Capital Expenditure remains the most popular method of financing a commercial solar system and offers the greatest return on investment over the lifetime of the installation. Installation of solar using Capital Expenditure also entitles the owner to significant tax benefits, and we can advise you on this through our network of financial partners.

  • Greatest ROI
  • Full ownership of the system from the outset
  • Tax offsets for purchase


Eclipse work with a network of financial partners to offer affordable solutions to purchasing your commercial solar system. Our competitive finance offerings can be tailored to the demands of your system, ensuring that the repayments can be met by the savings on your utility bills.

  • Solar with no upfront cost
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Significantly less initial capital outlay


A PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement, involves having solar installed on your premises with zero capital required. The system is fully funded by a third-party investor, and you then buy your electricity at a reduced price, index linked rather than subject to typical steep rises.

  • No capital expenditure
  • No maintenance costs
  • Cheaper electricity with no large fluctuations

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