The Process

We believe that transparency is an important part of the process when considering a solar system for your business and have laid out how we work, from first contact through to handover, so that you know exactly how a commercial solar installation is done.

Initial Enquiry & Consultation

We conduct an in-depth initial consultation, either over the phone or via video conferencing. In this consultation we will discuss the motivations behind your solar project, your requirements, and expectations. At this stage we also look to collect information that is vital for us to create an initial design and quotation, including your current energy usage and cost of electricity.

Free Desktop Survey, Design and Quotation

From your consultation, we will create a bespoke no obligation design and quotation for your business premises. This design will include suggested panel layout and materials required, including what brand of panels and inverters we suggest. This quotation gives an accurate price, as well as estimated annual savings, carbon savings, and anticipated payback periods.

In-Depth Site Survey

If you are happy with the desktop design and quotation, we conduct a thorough site survey to finalise the design and ensure location of all materials is accurate and viable for your project.

Finalised Design

The finalised design and quotation is agreed upon, confirming your order and allowing us to proceed with the installation process.


We communicate with the relevant planning departments on your behalf. This includes ensuring your installation complies with local planning regulations, as well as liaising with the distribution network operator (DNO) to inform them of your new generation equipment. This is all conducted without any input required from yourself, ensuring a smooth hands-off process.


We install your system to pre-agreed timescales, with our team of fully accredited installers and electrical engineers. All the work is commissioned and tested by our in-house Installation Manager, and you receive a handover pack bespoke to your system.

Monitoring and Maintenance

As part of our package, we pledge to provide a free monitoring service for the lifetime of your system. Using the latest SolarEdge technology we can remotely monitor your system, ensuring that every single panel is operating at maximum efficiency. In the event of a single panel failure, we can isolate the root cause of the issue and fix it quickly with no guesswork required.

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