Monitoring and Maintenance

Ensure your system is delivering peak performance

When making an investment in a commercial level solar system, it’s important to maximise your return and ensure that the system is operating at peak performance.

Our solar PV monitoring and metering gives businesses total transparency and peace of mind, helping them reach their environmental and financial goals. This system allows companies to visualise their exact savings, both in terms of money saved and environmental impact.

Utilising the latest in SolarEdge technology, Eclipse can remotely monitor your system down to the performance of each individual panel, saving on costly troubleshooting in the future should issues arise.

Solar Panel systems require very little maintenance once installed, but our competitive maintenance packages provide a regular check and service on everything from electrical testing to panel and inverter performance.

Commercial Solar Monitoring and Maintenance
Commercial Solar Monitoring and Maintenance

Why Maintenance?

Despite the comparatively low maintenance requirements of solar, it’s essential to regularly check these systems to determine if businesses are getting the maximum return possible. Panels can become dirty, electrical components may benefit from replacing or inverters could not be operating to the expected levels.

A fixed annual maintenance package, complete with monitoring software, prevents any problems before they arise and keeps output as high as possible to maximise return on investment.

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