Solar Panels: Charities now qualify for 0% VAT

In a significant stride towards sustainability, charities can now embrace solar panels with a 0% VAT relief, effective until March 31, 2027. This favourable development also extends to solar battery systems, presenting an opportune time for charitable organisations to harness renewable energy and reduce costs.

Charities now qualify for 0% VAT, solar panel installation

VAT Relief Guidelines

To qualify for the reduced VAT, the charity-owned building must predominantly serve charitable purposes, meeting a 95% threshold. Furthermore, this creates opportunities for entities like church and village halls, as long as the charity owns them, even if they occasionally rent them out.

Solar Battery Storage Incentives

Charities with existing solar PV installations looking to incorporate solar battery storage can also benefit from the 0% VAT relief. Most importantly, this initiative aligns with the broader push for sustainable energy practices.

Is Solar Right for Your Charity?

Considering the potential savings and environmental impact, it’s an opportune moment for charities to explore solar solutions. Notably, small businesses, including charitable organisations, often recoup their costs within a few years.

A prime example of a charity solar panel system Eclipse Energy installed was at St Augustine’s Centre. We installed a 4kW system at the community centre based in Halifax, delivering lifetime electricity bill savings of £21,358.

Charities Perfect for Solar Adoption

Several charitable organisations stand to gain immensely from installing solar panels. In particular, those with substantial energy usage. Examples include:

  • Community Centres
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical Clinics
  • Animal Shelters

Solar Panels: A Bright Future for Charities

The benefits extend beyond mere cost savings; solar panels empower charities to actively contribute to a sustainable future. Reducing carbon footprints and promoting eco-friendly practices aligns with the ethos of many charitable causes.

Ready to Take the Leap?

Our dedicated Commercial Solar Director is poised to guide registered charities through the seamless process of adopting solar panels.

Are you prepared to enhance your charity’s sustainability efforts and keep more funds within your cause?

Contact us today to discover how solar panels can positively impact your charitable organisation. Let’s illuminate a brighter and greener future together!

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